Spiroligomer™ Molecules – Reimagining Peptides

This is a Spiroligomer™ molecule. The name comes from “spiral” and “oligomer” (a defined polymer made of repeating parts)

The backbones are unique
– they are made up of fused rings, connected to form ladder-like molecules.

The shapes of the backbones are determined by stereocenters that are controlled in the assembly of the molecules.

Change one stereocenter and the molecular shape changes strikingly.

Sidechains are directed from the backbone in a complex 3-dimensional constellation.

The sidechains include different functional groups precisely chosen from a rich selection that has been carefully curated based on known biologic activity.

These functional groups can be incorporated in an almost infinite number of positions and combinations to achieve the desired molecular shape and biologic activity.

Spiroligomer™ molecules have large, highly programmed, shapes designed to bind grooves on a specific protein through extensive surface contacts for selective and high affinity binding of biologic targets.

Spiroligomer™ Molecules
as Therapeutics

The highly structured nature and diverse selection of Spiroligomer™ molecules, along with their unique physical, chemical and biological characteristics, make them an innovative platform for targeted drug discovery.